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Slim Black Tea Rex & T-Rex iPhone Case With A Unique And Funny Design

Slim Black Tea Rex & T-Rex iPhone Case With A Unique And Funny Design

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If you love T-rex find here our stylish, ironic, and protective Store Curiosity black phone case. Dress up your smartphone with a glossy look and funny appearance. Our graphic phone cases ensure:

  • High protection: our extremely strong plastic case provides extra durability and protection that ensure impact resistance. All cases keep your phone secured by covering the back and sides of the phone;
  • Wireless charging: all cases are compatible with wireless charging and have clear, open ports for connectivity. In this way, you can keep your phone charged and protected effortlessly;
  • Slim and Comfortable to hold: the slim phone case brings you greater portability and firmer grip, with no bulk and no skidding. Its slim form and lightweight design have a minimal impact on overall device size.

Do not miss the opportunity to accessorize your phone with this amazing Tea Rex iPhone case, without sacrificing security! Our T-rex phone case uses an impact-resistant Lexan polycarbonate shell for extra durability. With slim lines, glossy finish, and lightweight construction, this is the perfect gift/accessory that complements your phone's aesthetics.

Care Instructions

Clean with damp cotton or microfiber cloth. If dirt remains, add a form of dish soap to the fabric and wipe the soap down with a clean, damp cloth.


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